Sell Your Art For Free

A full decade ago I packed up my 1995 Honda Civic and drove out to Los Angeles. My head was full of Manifest Destiny in the Pursuit of Happyness. I practiced my Oscar acceptance speech to kill time on the road. I was 22 years old. Since that time I’ve starred in a regional car … Continue reading Sell Your Art For Free


For Michaela

My youngest sister graduated high school last week.  In a few days she turns eighteen.  To commemorate her rite of passage I wrote what I have learned in my thirty years of life in the hopes that it would help her.  So far it has reminded me of what I believe to be true. For MichaelaListen to … Continue reading For Michaela


I am immortal.exea chain of ones & zeroes andan algorithm for consciousnessis all it took to outlive my great grandchildren My corporeal long agodid succumb to nature's appetiteperhaps re-manifested as an appleafter all the worms were through Man sings songs.mp3 of menlike De Leon and Ozymandias who couldn't code properlyeven Hammurabi obeyed the blue screen Yet.txt my escape from timehas … Continue reading Poem.html

The Biggest Tool in the Shed

The Saint Felix is a fancy joint on Cahuenga in Hollywood with high ceilings, ornate chandeliers, heavy oaken tables, and circular booths in cozy alcoves.  The waitresses are pretty actresses who wear tight-fitting or plunging-neckline black.  They serve the drinks slow but make good flirts.  The bartender you could swear was in a print campaign … Continue reading The Biggest Tool in the Shed

Phenomenology Lite

The most serious case happened several years ago after watching an episode of "The Sarah Silverman Show" where a character is obsessed with the Spin Doctors' song "Two Princes".  Somehow a curse was passed on to me and my roommates as we began encountering "Two Princes" everywhere: on the radio in our cars, shopping malls, … Continue reading Phenomenology Lite