Director: Graham High
Credit: Director, Writer, Producer, Editor, Cinematographer

About the Project:
Title: ZER0 0NE ZER0
Year: 2021
Production: Pat and Joy Productions, Inc.

Logline: Looking to boost his confidence, Chuck tries a new meditation technique and manifests a night he won’t forget.

Director’s Statement: ZER0 0NE ZER0 was an idea generated in my 20s when I was lost, searching, alienated and ambitious. A decade later, with the full realization of social media and in the midst of a global pandemic, I realized it was time to tell the story.

This project was shot on an iPhone as both an artistic and practical choice. Practically, it was efficient and beautiful in a gritty grindhouse way. Artistically, it reflected the smartphone world we view every day. We’re looking at iPhones through the lens of an iPhone.

It’s also what’s called a “quarantine short” where the cast was limited to 2 at a time and the crew was myself and my sister (who ran audio on top of producing).

In the end, all of these qualifiers fade away, as the short is an exciting descent into a digital nightmare.