About the Project:
Title: The Housesitters
Year: 2022
Production: Rachel Green Productions, Grandma Jean Productions

Director: Graham High
Credit: Director, Producer, Editor, DP

Erin (Erin Pineda) and Matt (Matt McConkey) realize that someone may be waiting for them outside the home they are housesitting.

LOGLINE: Erin and Matt are best friends, underemployed entertainers, and terrible housesitters. And when they find themselves staying at the site of an infamous murder, they begin to wonder if someone is trying to recreate the crime.

SYNOPSIS: Erin and Matt house sit for their actress friend, Jules. Jules has an Emmy (albeit a Daytime Emmy, as Erin and Matt are quick to point out), and a tendency to remind her housesitters just how far they are from their own Emmys. Oh, and, as it turns out, Jules’s house was the site of a gruesome Hollywood murder in the ’70s, which a terrifying intruder seems intent on recreating. But she also has a pool. And a very cute dog. And Erin and Matt really need that money.