I am immortal.exe a chain of ones & zeroes and an algorithm for consciousness is all it took to outlive my great grandchildren   My corporeal self.com long ago did succumb to nature’s appetite perhaps re-manifested as an apple after all the worms were through   Man sings songs.mp3 of […]

The Biggest Tool in the Shed

The Saint Felix is a fancy joint on Cahuenga in Hollywood with high ceilings, ornate chandeliers, heavy oaken tables, and circular booths in cozy alcoves.  The waitresses are pretty actresses who wear tight-fitting or plunging-neckline black.  They serve the drinks slow but make good flirts.  The bartender you could swear […]

Phenomenology Lite

The most serious case happened several years ago after watching an episode of “The Sarah Silverman Show” where a character is obsessed with the Spin Doctors’ song “Two Princes“.  Somehow a curse was passed on to me and my roommates as we began encountering “Two Princes” everywhere: on the radio […]


Last night I gulped down cheap red wine and watched Barfly, a film about Charles Bukowski’s drunken escapades as a young man. I hadn’t seen it before and it struck me as grittier, but less entertaining, than Factotum. Both are inferior to the somnambulistic Tales of Ordinary Madness, anchored by […]

Programmers Programming Programmers

    We are the children of children and we live as we are shown. – Waponis Chief, “Joe Versus the Volcano” My mother refused to buy me video games when I was a kid.  She hated them.  However, she was political enough to let me play games that were “educational”. […]

And My Sister is a Big Deal on the Internet

Dwarfing my last post by sheer prestige and hilarity, my sister got mentioned in a HuffPo article… catapulting her to the ether of teh internets! (article) Brittany’s real funny and you can see so by the screen cap below.  You can also read some of her stuff on InterestingIncredibleThings.com