Talking About the Future

What do we mean when we talk about The Future?  Some of us are keenly aware of October 21st, 2015 as the day Marty McFly goes Back to the Future for a second time.   He stepped into a souped up DeLorean in 1985 and ends up in his future, our present.  That is the day we take stock of what we have … Continue reading Talking About the Future


The iPhone 6 Plus Display is Five-and-a-Half Inches

DISCLAIMER: This is not a review of the iPhone 6.  If you are interested in what the latest tech-talk has to say about the human experience, read on.  If you are looking for a detailed account of what it's like to hold the newest gift from the Apple gods, CNET is exceptional with such matters. One … Continue reading The iPhone 6 Plus Display is Five-and-a-Half Inches

The World Cup Isn’t About Winning

            Four years ago I was scoffing at my television, watching the championship World Cup game between Spain and the Netherlands. For most of the match neither side scored a single goal. Both teams played defensively, which is code for “boring as hell.” I had nothing at stake other than an inherited pair of soccer … Continue reading The World Cup Isn’t About Winning


I am immortal.exea chain of ones & zeroes andan algorithm for consciousnessis all it took to outlive my great grandchildren My corporeal long agodid succumb to nature's appetiteperhaps re-manifested as an appleafter all the worms were through Man sings songs.mp3 of menlike De Leon and Ozymandias who couldn't code properlyeven Hammurabi obeyed the blue screen Yet.txt my escape from timehas … Continue reading Poem.html

The Biggest Tool in the Shed

The Saint Felix is a fancy joint on Cahuenga in Hollywood with high ceilings, ornate chandeliers, heavy oaken tables, and circular booths in cozy alcoves.  The waitresses are pretty actresses who wear tight-fitting or plunging-neckline black.  They serve the drinks slow but make good flirts.  The bartender you could swear was in a print campaign … Continue reading The Biggest Tool in the Shed