White isn’t the Default Setting

I was still on my honeymoon with the city of Los Angeles, a fresh faced kid from the Southeast with Midwestern blood.  My eyes had yet to be perpetually darkened by the shade of sunglasses.  One sunny afternoon, standing in line at a grocery store, I felt a new and strange uneasiness creep over me. I … Continue reading White isn’t the Default Setting


Talking About the Future

What do we mean when we talk about The Future?  Some of us are keenly aware of October 21st, 2015 as the day Marty McFly goes Back to the Future for a second time.   He stepped into a souped up DeLorean in 1985 and ends up in his future, our present.  That is the day we take stock of what we have … Continue reading Talking About the Future

The iPhone 6 Plus Display is Five-and-a-Half Inches

DISCLAIMER: This is not a review of the iPhone 6.  If you are interested in what the latest tech-talk has to say about the human experience, read on.  If you are looking for a detailed account of what it's like to hold the newest gift from the Apple gods, CNET is exceptional with such matters. One … Continue reading The iPhone 6 Plus Display is Five-and-a-Half Inches

Phenomenology Lite

The most serious case happened several years ago after watching an episode of "The Sarah Silverman Show" where a character is obsessed with the Spin Doctors' song "Two Princes".  Somehow a curse was passed on to me and my roommates as we began encountering "Two Princes" everywhere: on the radio in our cars, shopping malls, … Continue reading Phenomenology Lite

Breaking the Game: Programmers Programming Programmers Part II

"Choose yourself." --Soren Kierkegaard At the risk of sounding like a complete nerd (I am), I will continue my thoughts on a previous post. Years ago, a buddy of mine worked as a video game tester for a big-time company.  It sounds like a sweet gig: a real life version of Grandma's Boy.  In truth it's more … Continue reading Breaking the Game: Programmers Programming Programmers Part II

Programmers Programming Programmers

    We are the children of children and we live as we are shown. - Waponis Chief, "Joe Versus the Volcano" My mother refused to buy me video games when I was a kid.  She hated them.  However, she was political enough to let me play games that were "educational".  Yup, I was that kid. … Continue reading Programmers Programming Programmers