straight white guy listening – teaser

One year ago marked a shift in our country, where divisiveness won and empathy was discarded. Since then I have been working on a documentary project with an amazing group of people that has left me humbled and convinced of the power of listening. No matter your political affiliation, conservative or liberal, we ask that … Continue reading straight white guy listening – teaser


I am Protesting Trump’s Election And—No—I am Not A Whiny Millennial

On November 9, 2016, the day Donald Trump was declared President-Elect of the United States, I marched in my first protest. I took an Uber to downtown Los Angeles with my girlfriend and her friend, directing the driver to where we thought it would be. To ease our anxiety, we joked if there would be … Continue reading I am Protesting Trump’s Election And—No—I am Not A Whiny Millennial

As American As Television

Andy Dick was in middle of saying something zany about Japan when the screen cut out. There wasn't a flicker or wonky distortion, not even snowstorm static.  Just black. I tried to resuscitate it over the next few days with a frankenstein mix of power cables plugged into any available socket.  Nothing could bring back … Continue reading As American As Television

Open Mic Night – Minidoc

As a sometime standup comic and amateur musician, I've done plenty of open mics across the city. I've also long had the idea to do a short mini-documentary on the artists who are drawn to perform in front of a small group of strangers. With the help of Brittany High and Timothy Strader, it's finally come together. … Continue reading Open Mic Night – Minidoc

Scenes from my Neighborhood

As a guy who got his first DSLR camera, it was imperative I set up a Vimeo account.  And what good is a Vimeo account if you don't have a pretty video to show off your new camera? Check out the new account here: I'll still post my dumb videos on YouTube: Echo … Continue reading Scenes from my Neighborhood