Graham High is a producer of documentary and independent films. His film and tv producing credits include The End of the World, VICTORIA’S SECRET: ANGELS & DEMONS, THE REAGANS, WHERE’S MY ROY COHN?, STUDIO 54, CITIZEN JANE, SCOTTY & THE SECRET HISTORY OF HOLLYWOOD and FLOWER.

His directorial debut POPS, a short dramedy with a touch of the surreal, was described as “weird and wonderful” by Shakespeare in Love producer David Parfitt. His follow up short film, ZER0 0NE ZER0,, was shot entirely on iPhone and won the “Best Mobile Film” award at the Indiefilmopolis Film Festival in 2022. THE HOUSESITTERS, Graham’s third short film and second shot on iPhone, is a horror-comedy script penned by and starring Matt McConkey and Erin Pineda.

He has produced several shorts as well, including the mini-doc series STRAIGHT WHITE GUY LISTENING (also serving as host), and the drama A SONG TO PASS THE TIME.

He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Shauna, their son and two dogs.