My youngest sister graduated high school last week.  In a few days she turns eighteen.  To commemorate her rite of passage I wrote what I have learned in my thirty years of life in the hopes that it would help her.  So far it has reminded me of what I believe to be true.


For Michaela

Listen to your fear but do not follow it—cross it at its wake.

Be brave.  There is power deep within you springing from faith, hope and love.

Keep faith.  Faith permeates within and without, accepts everything as it is both seen and unseen.

Have hope.  Hope aspires and dreams.  It grows out of faith and reaches towards a hidden light.

Choose love. Like the air, love surrounds you.  Breathe it into your soul and exhale the same love.

Every love meets disappointment.  Love rewards itself and renews its possibility in its continuation.

Your mind and your body are not separate. Your body is your mind.  Care for it and it will show you peace.

Likewise, you and the world are not separate.  Both inhabit the other. Rest in the invisible net of love.

Love yourself and others as it allows you to forgive both.

Practice forgiveness. It liberates you from the past and embraces the future.

It is better to believe and find yourself wrong than to live without conviction.

Do not lose the ability to grieve and rejoice.  If you do, grieve its loss and rejoice in its return.

Attune your ear to the voice of reason and wisdom to find truth.

Money is meaningless and yet provides a means.  Do not pursue it nor disrespect its reality.

Never desire rest when you should work or work while you should rest.

If everything is too big, focus on anything small.

Heed your own intuition and trust in the goodness of your heart.

Your path is your path and that is your glory.

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