I’m Kind of a Big Deal in Nashville

This is a little dated but, com’on, what on this website ISN’T?!  I’m a cool guy and cool guys don’t update their personal dubyadubyadubya on the reg.  You may argue that truly cool guys don’t have a website, especially one with their name in the domain.  I would argue back that… you know, like, whatever and stuff.

Why I’m typing at you: I was featured in my university’s newsletter as a kind of “Alumni Who’s Who”.  I know, right?  Me?  Hahaha!  Have they MET me since I graduated?  The answer is, “No.  No, they have not.”

Still, I’m honored to be a part of a prestigious group.  I suspect my cohorts do not share my hilarious substance abuse problems or mounting financial debts, but we do share a shared history of… sharing.  So, I will share with you: Treveccan Spring 2012 issue. (page 17 for the tasty)



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